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Our Services

Optimization of production and logistic processes, in-house or outsourced, with either partial or complete involvement.

Strategic Planning

Support with Initial Planning and Calculations

How? Through fundamentally sound planning, preparation, and strategic decision-making in the early conceptual stages, we generate a sustainable competitive edge for your company. We support you when choosing your location, provide assistance with your make-or-Buy decisions, and assist with logistics while configuring the supply chain upon request. One of our strong suits lies with integrated, holistic production and logistic planning for multilevel production processes and will be applied towards your success!

Crisis Management

Taskforce and coordination centers save processes quickly and deliberately.

When a crisis arises, action needs to be taken! Sometimes, there just isn’t time to develop the kind of action plan that is needed. These are the times where we are here to support you in key positions, acting as a
contact to clients or suppliers, or managing your processes intermittently.

At the same time, our in-house developed and tried and tested planning instruments are at your disposal, such as the value stream analysis. This is a standardized and systematic procedure model that enables the development of streamlined processes that are easy to understand and depict.

Interim­ Manage­­ment

Support during project implementation, launch, and optimization

5PL Competence Center GmbH experts support you in the launch and optimization of production and logistic processes and site and production area planning, as well as with insourcing and outsourcing decisions. Additionally, we offer our support with production supplies and material management and can take over responsiblity for operations in both internal and external logistic centers.

Your specifications for quality and cost are our standards for all areas we assume responsibility for.


Efficient logistics structures secure your competitive edge in the future

Innovative solutions are in-demand. Working closely with our experts, we analyze your processes and, when needed, model these according to the newest standards in value stream design. Here it is essential to strongly integrate findings into the overall processes through a fully developed and stable IT.


Employee skills provide sustainable success

Our services connect theory with practical application. The implementation ideally takes place directly at your company. For us, seminars, education, and training are the bridge between personal careers, concrete professional tasks, and the overall company goals. For us, learning is an experience. All participants in seminars and workshops are active, independent contributors and form the center of process development.


Longterm quality through continuous review and optimization

The continuous review and optimization of established processes is essential.

We initiate your Continuous Improval Project (CIP) and implement it together with your employees. While doing so, the priorities needed to optimize the overall success of the CIP are defined.

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